Which Is Better? – Central Air Conditioner Or Heat Pump

Nowadays, many people are considering to replace their traditional central air conditioner as there is another option available in the market. Just consider about the cooling requirement of your home along with your budget. In addition, think about installing heat pump of required capacity. People residing in moderate climate locations prefer to install heat pump rather than air conditioning system.

Initial investment to install any thermopompe centrale (Meaning in English is central heat pump) may be little higher however its energy consumption is substantially lower. Its functioning depends more or less on natural gas or oil. Also, the government in number of countries provide certain tax benefit for installing these new heat pump system.

What are the benefits of using heat pump?

One of the major benefits of using heat pump is that it will be suitable for both summer as well as winter months. The same heat pump that can provide cool air during summer climate can fulfil the heat requirements, during winter. You will no longer need to use a furnace during winter months. Just a single appliance can serve your purpose throughout the year.

Also, if you already have furnace installed in your home, then heat pump can help it to run more efficiently when the outside temperature is much cooler. Heat pump can pre-warm the air and hence the furnace need not work much harder in order to produce hot air that it draws. However, there is one drawback with heat pump and that is if the outdoor temperature goes to freezing point or below that then heat pump will draw more electrical energy in order to operate and thus it becomes little less energy efficient.

However, if you install heat pump in your house then due to its continuous running, there will be no feeling of temperature variations that you normally observe in case of central HVAC system or even with furnace too. During initial start-up of any furnace, usually there are sometimes spurt of warm or cold air. By using heat pump, you can maintain consistent temperature. Also, it will be very effective to remove humidity from the room much better in comparison with traditional air conditioners.

What to decide?

For many of you it may be little tough to decide whether to choose any new heating or cooling system. You may visit the nearest heat pump dealership to see the demonstration, so that you can decide.

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