Where To Use a Retractable Canopy

When it comes to avoiding the sun’s dangerous rays, sunblock and shade are your best options. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to trees on their property so they need to create shade themselves. One of the best ways to cool an area is with a canopy cover. Canopies are durable, wind-resistant and can be folded back in seconds. Here are several places where a canopy would be perfect.

Outdoor Patio

If you have an outdoor patio, you know it’s a great spot for barbecues and get-togethers. When you add a retractable canopy, not only does it protect your patio, but it also extends your living space. Your patio is now like an extra room, perfect for entertaining in any weather. Canopies install easily over wood or metal frames and can be retracted anytime you want more sunlight. They also come in tons of colors to match any decor.

Over Your Deck

Another spot that’s great for a canopy is above your deck. Decks are great for sunbathing, but sometimes you want to enjoy it for other activities or when it’s raining. Canopies come in all different sizes and can be customized to fit your deck, no matter how large or small. The added shade will also prevent premature weathering of furniture and the deck itself. When you’re ready for the sun again, it only takes a moment to close a canopy.

On Top of a Pergola

A pergola is another area that’s well-suited for a canopy. Pergolas are structures made from wood or vinyl consisting of columns with crisscrossed beams overhead. Most people use a canopy or flowers to create shade as a pergola’s design doesn’t afford much cover on its own. Due to the structure of a pergola, a canopy can be fit between or under the rafters.

Above Your Pool

Perhaps one of the most creative uses for a canopy is to shelter a section of your swimming pool. Covering your pool is an excellent way to go back and forth from the sun to shade on oppressive days. They’re also built to withstand rain, wind and can be retracted whenever you wish. Canopies come in hundreds of colors and designs, making your pool area look stunning while protecting you from harmful UV rays.

If you want to enjoy more time outside but avoid sunburn, a canopy is an excellent solution. Canopies are perfect for decks, pergolas and pools all year round.

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