What You Need To Host The Perfect Garden Party

The summer months are prime for dining outdoors, an activity made all the better with the presence of friends and family. If you have a garden, one at least large enough to accommodate a dining table and chairs, you have the potential to begin hosting. However, beyond simply having room to host and places to sit, you will need to make a few other considerations if you wish to make your guests comfortable.

Creating a perfect and enjoyable dining environment is not only conducive to single events but also increases the likelihood of you dining outside and enjoying your garden space more regularly, which is important for the value of your home. So, to ensure your next outdoor dinner is a memorable event, we’ve put together the essentials that allow you to host the perfect garden party.

Consider the Comfort

All too often dining outside is made short-lived by discomfort. Wooden or rattan furniture becomes difficult to sit on, the evening air brings about a chill, and poor lighting encourages guests indoors. To dine outside requires more than practicality, it requires comfort. Cushions and blankets should be abundant so that whether a guest is struggling to find the most comfortable spot or becomes slightly too cold, there’s a soft fabric remedy at hand. Heat lamps are also an incredibly effective way of heating an entire area, helping guests to feel cosy.

Lighting is also an important consideration, one that affects both comfort levels and the atmosphere. While there are some exception outdoor lighting options, it can often be cheaper and more enjoyable to simply invest in some candles.

A Dedicated Venue

Cabins, summer houses, and even yurts are becoming increasingly popular among residents as they seek to build a dedicated year-round and weather-proof dining area that is both practical and stylish. These outbuildings can be customised into an idyllic and intimate dining area that not only shelters your guests but entirely protects you from the elements while still allowing you to dine among nature.

These outbuildings also have the potential for utilities, such as electricity and water, which has led some to transform them into entire cooking experiences. Food can be cooked and served from within these small venues, showcasing a host’s cooking skills and immersing guests in a professional dining experience.

A Feature To Enjoy

If your garden doesn’t have any more appeal than your dining room, there’s little reason guests will want to be outside. Aside from the opportunity to immerse yourselves in nature, it’s also worth adding extra allure with interesting features.

These could be as simple as a BBQ grill and can be as decadent as a private bar or pizza oven, all of which transform the dining experience into a fun activity. Even a fire can be enough to draw people outside. Just be sure to invest in a wood burner or chimenea so that the smoke doesn’t drive you (and your neighbours) away.

Get Creative

Dining outside doesn’t have to mean sitting at a table with knives and forks. In fact, many residents are taking inspiration from all over the world and setting up alternative dining areas in their gardens, serving small plates and picnic-style feasts that feel more casual and relaxed.

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