The Electric floor heating system is a popular choice among homeowners because they efficiently heat up the house and help to save on energy bills. It gently warms up your home without relying on the air currents. The radiant heating system is the perfect option for those who suffer from allergies. Though there are many upsides to this type of heating system, there are also some common problems which you could face. However, most of these problems can be easily solved. Whether you have an electric or a hydronic system, the following are some of the common issues you could face.

Common Problems faced by Electric Floor Heating System

Tripping the circuit breaker

Though the electric heating system doesn’t need a lot of electricity, you would still require enough power from the electrical box to support the heating systems. Most houses have an average amperage of 200amps from the electrical panels. If your electrical box doesn’t give this amount, you would need to upgrade it or constantly keep dealing with the circuit breaker issue.

Damaged Electric Mat or Cable

The electric mat or cable which is installed under the floor is what produces the heat. However, they are also prone to damage. Though these materials are quite durable, this doesn’t mean that they cant be damaged. They can be damaged due to heavy objects being placed on the floor or cracked tiles.

Common problems faced by the Hydronic Radiant heating system

Working issues with the circulator pump or the zone valves

The circulator pumps or the zone valves play a crucial role in the hydronic heating system. These push the hot water from the boiler to the pipes. These pumps, which circulate the hot water, can also break down. When this does happen, it impacts the efficacy of the heating system.

An issue with the airlock

The boiler system where the water is heated is usually pressurized. Due to this pressure, the air bubbles tend to form quickly, which causes a problem in the flow of steam. When these bubbles block the flow of steam, it is referred to as an airlock. Whenever an airlock occurs, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible for the system to work efficiently.

Regular Maintenance checks

To help you ensure that the radiant heating system is working well, it is best to carry out regular maintenance checks. You can hire a professional to carry out a check once a year. This will help to identify the problem before it develops into something big. However, the issues which have been discussed above need to be handled as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can go out of hand and cause more extensive damage than anticipated. Though the radiant heating systems are easy to use and maintain, carrying out these regular checks can help to increase their life. When they have been maintained well, they can serve you well for decades together.

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