Pools to Accommodate Any Space

Who doesn’t want a pool? Having a relaxing, cool space to hang out in when the temperatures soar is something that most of us have thought about at least once. The problem is that not every space is so accommodating to a pool.

Or is it?

The thing that might come as a surprise is that there are options for different pool sizes out there that can accommodate most living situations. It may not be the huge pools that you are accustomed to but they can meet your needs all the same.

The key is to find a small pool installation that works best for your situation. A stylish looking concrete design can be created for small backyards or courtyard spaces. All while maintaining the same high-quality look that a larger pool would have.

Small Pool Installation

These small pools are meant to mimic their larger counterparts, but with a few major differences. There is no need to sacrifice the aesthetic of your pool just because there is not as much room as some of the larger pools require.

With a stylish concrete design, these small pool designs can work for even the tightest of areas. That means using corner entry steps to make the pool area feel larger. It might also mean different seating patterns that can create a great spot to relax without sacrificing the space.

Small Pool Sizes

Small pool installations can still vary in size. The most optimal small pools are anywhere from four to six meters in size, meaning there is a lot of room to accommodate specific setups. The key is the side entry steps. That maximises space while allowing for an uninterrupted swimming length.

Jets can be added to any pool to give those who enjoy aquatic workouts an extra boost. These jets can also be mounted in a shallow end to provide a lounge area. It can even get so comprehensive that hydrotherapy jets are installed to add that extra touch of luxury and relaxation.

Each of these pools comes in a geometric, modern shape that accommodates just about any backyard. The extra width means full length seating and an optimal swim length that works for anyone. All the customisable options mean getting a high-quality pool that may sacrifice a little in size but definitely doesn’t sacrifice anything in any other area of pool comfort.

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