Living Room Design Ideas For A Uber Chic Appearance

A living room is the focal point of a house, bringing together all the highlighting accents. It is the entertainment hub where guests and families come together to enjoy pleasing moments. Irrespective of the interior architect- be it expansive, compact, open-plan, or a shared home office space- the decoration of the living room must reflect the personality of the homeowner. This article is going to focus on some amazing living room design concepts to match the home’s style and color scheme to achieve the desired aesthetic-

Walls- Selective Color Schemes

The energy of the space is greatly influenced by the color scheme. One can follow color psychology to create an ambiance that best suits their lifestyle. For example,

  •       Red boosts positive energy, while yellow creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  •       Pink communicates love and creativity, while green brings in a calming effect.
  •       If a person wants to achieve a sophisticated vibe, then violet or magenta is the way to go.
  •       Grey is associated with versatility, while a metallic color scheme brings a contemporary mood.

One can do extensive research on color psychology and choose the right color that brings out the best personality of their home.

Ceiling Decoration

To achieve an elegant, classic, or contemporary feel, one can follow these three innovative ceiling design ideas respectively-

  1.   The Trendiest Elegance

A highly reflective, ultra-glossy finish is one of the current trends for ceilings. A glossy surface tricks the eye, making the room appear larger. A glistening chandelier is an ideal way to accentuate the reflective ceiling.

  1.   The Classic

To achieve a classic and warm feeling, a wooden ceiling is the best choice. To create an airy and bright effect, one can beautify it with a few hanging live plants. Greenery can be taken to a whole new level by designing and draping whole frames with bulging leaves.

  1.   The Most Modern

High-tech innovations have taken the place of the drab stencil patterns of the past and made stenciling simpler and more elegant. These new stencils make it possible to achieve tones, vivid colors, and even metallic finishes. For a brand-new look, one can try a whole pattern that covers the entire ceiling, small accent spots around light fixtures, and more sophisticated patterns.

The Perfect Flooring

The third most important part of a living room is its flooring. Here are some unique living room design concepts for the flooring to achieve the panache of interior excellence-

  1.   Vinyl

A versatile flooring option for modern houses, Vinyl comes in both hardwood and stone finishes. This is stain and water-resistant while being durable and inexpensive.

  1.   Granite

Among all elegant flooring options, Granite takes the limelight. It is noted for its sophistication and reflective luster. Available in a variety of colors and textures, Granite imposes a cooling effect on the living room.

  1. Bamboo

To achieve a classic uber-chic look, bamboo flooring is becoming a trend. With its water and stain-resistant features, bamboo flooring is replacing hardwood while delivering the same level of upmarket feeling.

Decorating Accents

After choosing the right wall, ceiling, and flooring designs, now comes the accessorizing part to the finishing touch. Some must-have decorative accents are-

  •       Wall Murals- To add personality to bare walls
  •       Vibrant Carpets- To create a warm and cozy setting
  •       Luxury Curtains- To dive into extravagant feeling
  •       Chic Furniture- To bring out the functionality of the space
  •       Standing Statues To make a decorative statement
  •       Hangings Decorations- To spark a conversation among members


Decorating a space is all about putting creativity into action. One can follow these above mentioned living room design concepts that combine value-added decor schemes with suitable accents to bring out the best personality of a living room.

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