Is There Ice on Your Air Conditioner Coil?

If you have ice on your air conditioner coil, you may have an air conditioning leak. A leaking air conditioner can cause the compressor to run continuously, which in turn will cause the coils to freeze over. If you don’t see any signs of a leak or notice that your unit runs continuously after it starts up, there’s probably nothing wrong with your equipment. Instead, try adjusting your thermostat setting so that it cycles off more often during hot days when no one is home. If you are unable to, call the professionals for your air conditioning service. Call for help when:

1. The drain valve is leaking

This is one of the most common causes of leaks in an air conditioner system. If the drain valve isn’t fully closed or if there’s a crack in it, water will flow out when you run your AC unit. Take a look at your drain valve and make sure that it’s closed properly and there aren’t any cracks in it. You may need to replace this part if there is any damage or corrosion from previous leaks.

2. The compressor is damaged or broken

Even if the outside unit is not visibly damaged from an accident or storm, inside damage may have occurred to the compressor. The compressor might be leaking oil or refrigerant, which is a sign that it should be replaced.

3. Clogged condensate drain lines

Another common reason for leaks is when the condensate drain line becomes clogged. This occurs when the drain line becomes blocked by lint from the clothes dryer or other debris. The condensation from your AC unit builds up in this line and backs up into the house, causing water damage to floors and walls. To fix this problem, remove your outdoor unit cover, locate the drain pan underneath, and clean out any debris that may be clogging it up. If you have an indoor evaporator coil that’s leaking, check to make sure that there isn’t ice on it first. If there is ice on your evaporator coil, leave your system off until it thaws out completely.

4. The belt connecting the motor to the compressor has come loose or broken

A belt that has come loose will make noise as it spins around and around inside the unit. This can cause vibrations that damage parts inside the system and make them leaky, as well as create a lot of noise for you! A broken belt means one less thing for your AC to do, so you’ll definitely notice when this happens!

5. Your indoor temperature is higher than normal

If you notice that your indoor temperature is higher than normal, it could be an indication that there’s a problem with your air conditioner. The most likely culprits are an old thermostat that does not read temperature accurately, a dirty cooling coil, or a blower motor. This can block airflow and cause overheating. Finally, install inadequate insulation around your outdoor unit or ductwork. This can let in more heat than usual from outside during summer months and reduce the efficiency of your system over time.

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