How to Create a Luxury Kitchen on a Limited Budget

We all love the look and feel of premier marble or granite, yet few can afford the high prices that come with natural marble, which has to be carefully quarried, then transported to a yard when it can be cut and polished, which is a very time-consuming activity. By the time your marble benchtops arrive cut to size, they have already been through an awful lot, yet we now have access to engineered stone, which is man made from crushed stone and resin, with quartz added to make it look like natural stone.

Engineered Stone

Made by experts from crushed stone and resin, engineered stone looks and feels just like marble or granite and two large slabs are made of every single design, which means you can get all your benchtops and splashbacks from a single batch. When compared to the cost of natural stone, the engineered product is much cheaper, yet it looks identical to premier marble or granite and will last every bit as long as its natural counterpart, namely quartz benchtops.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Whether you are into timber, stone or slate, luxury vinyl has the ideal finish, which is achieved with a high-resolution digital image that is imprinted under the protective layer. You can enjoy the look and feel of real stone or timber with a vinyl composite that will last a lifetime, while cork backing makes the walking experience a soft and silent one.

Online Solutions

If you would like to view a stunning range of engineered stone products, a Google search will bring up a list of Australian manufacturers of premier engineered stone and they would be represented by a number of stores around the country, so you can inspect the product in a real-life setting and make an informed decision regarding the pattern and finish you would like.

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