Four Essential Considerations For Dining Outdoors In Your Garden

Dining outdoors is a blissful event, one that can mean long evenings by candlelight, eating and drinking with friends and family. However, there are a number of potential hindrances, even outside of the British climate, which is why many homeowners are deterred from eating outdoors more often, let alone inviting friends around to do so.

Now, as we leave the springtime showers behind and begin to welcome the summer warmth, there’s all the more reason to begin planning for more time spent outside. And, with the right equipment and designs, many nights can easily and affordably be enjoyed. So, here are our four essential considerations for dining outdoors, those that will prevent any potential problems and transform your garden into a space more readily enjoyed throughout the year.

Against the Elements

Harsh and cold weather are both likely to ruin any dinner plans. However, in our rather grey climate, you may seldom find a truly ideal evening to spend outside in your garden, leaving it to stay empty year-round. With the right furniture, this can easily be solved. Bluster can be prevented with fences and trees, a chill can be forgotten with simple heat lamps, and rain can become a non-issue with an extension or covering.

These measures can be altogether combined with an outbuilding or log cabin, allowing you to create an entirely indoor or open-faced space to dine within while still enjoying the natural elements of your garden. Gazebos are also excellent structures for offering protection from the elements or even shade from the sun.

Control The Critters

Great weather for dining can also mean the perfect environment for critters to disrupt your meal plans. While the occasional buzz might be forgivable, it can quickly become uncomfortable to have to swat away numerous pests. Thankfully, there are ways to keep bugs at bay. You will find candles are often recommended and, while they do work, simple citrus aromas from your own fruits will often work as well. Alternatively, incense and smoke are effective but, without proper coverage, a breeze can send them into your dining area.

While you might be confident in your garden’s cleanliness, it may be worth considering just how clean and tidy everything is. Many bugs will be attracted to a garden that is less often tended to, especially if they are given time to make a home there.

The Right Furniture

Your space and garden aesthetic will likely influence your decision when it comes to garden dining furniture. You will also want to ensure that it accommodates enough guests, as well as being spacious enough to dine comfortably. However, it often evades people to also consider how potential furniture will last in their garden, holding up against the environment it is put in.

Depending on the amount of upkeep you can dedicate to your garden, wood and metal furniture may not be ideal for your premises due to the care they need to prevent damage from the rain. Alternatively, plastic, while holding up relatively well in the weather, can be relatively unattractive and difficult to clean.

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