Five ways you can detect pest infestation in Austin

Prevention begins by exposing the signs or risks arising from pest infestation. Knowing how infestation happens is to ask exterminators trained in pest infestation because most people aren’t aware of how you can see these pest signs? Austin pest control can help you get rid of the pests. Here are five ways to detect pest infestation. 

Spot unusual signs during housekeeping time

One can spot the signs of pest infestation when cleaning the house, like vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. Make sure to deep clean every nook and corner of your house including inside the cupboard, cabinets, drawers, and most importantly look for traces of pests such as cracks on walls, lines, shedding of wings, and stains. Besides cleaning, make sure to watch out for unusual signs such as sudden appearances of droppings off the ceilings. Before cleaning up these spots take pictures to cross-check if those are signs of pests. You can also clear the clutter and unwanted carton boxes in the storage rooms and backyard to get a clear picture. 

Be observant of stains and smells.

Many of us tend to finish activities quickly, leaving the room and the surroundings for negligence and errors. We neglect defects, leakage from gaps, and even potential pest infestation in certain situations. Pests like bed bugs always leave blood and urine stains, which leave a dirty smell. You can save your home by noticing these minor signs. 

Arrange for regular home checks

Maintaining homes, including big and small, is a must to ensure no signs of pest occurrence—check-up on minor defects from plumbing to the piping system for water leakages. 

Tap and knock on walls and structures

By knocking on walls and tapping on floors or structures, insects like termites create a sound as they feel threatened. Also, if a rat gets scared, you can hear sounds of scratching and screeching. Termites can eliminate the inside portion of a cupboard or any wooden surface, leaving a clean outer shell, making the inner structures weak, resulting in pest infestation. Make sure to tap and knock on the walls and systems of your homes. 

Pay attention to your bedroom and furnishing.

Bed bugs are found chiefly in bed areas due to the warmth they seek. Bed bugs leave infestation signs that include reddish-brown bloodstains; bugs are hard to find, so one should always check out the interiors, especially bedroom areas and beds. 

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