Do’s and Do Not’s of Asbestos in the Home and Workplace

We all need to make modifications to our homes or businesses at some time, whether it is a little makeover or a major overhaul. Whatever your situation, an age-old issue, asbestos, continues to rear its head time and again.

Asbestos may cause serious life-altering diseases; therefore, laws or codes of conduct were put in place around the early to mid-1980s requiring you to seek expert assistance when removing any asbestos-containing items. This article will provide you some tips on what to do and what not to do when renovating your home.

If you have any doubts at all about the materials you are considering handling then search online for specialist asbestos removal in Perth, at least that way you have some choices and will be covered if something goes wrong.

Dos and Do Not’s of Asbestos Handling

  • Always get a professional to check before you start work; asbestos was used in a variety of goods including tiles, cement, textiles, insulation, and the list goes on and on, so be sure to check before you begin.
  • Take every effort to avoid damaging any asbestos-containing items. Asbestos may become airborne if the fibres are broken and can be inhaled if the material is disturbed in any manner.
  • Never disturb intact asbestos materials.

The do not’s

  • Never dust, sweep, or vacuum any asbestos-containing material. How much do you value your health?
  • Do not let children or animals near any exposed materials
  • Don’t touch it if you don’t know what it is

When looking at the health implications it is clear to see why asbestos is such a no-go area, there are medical sites that have reports of people contracting something called Asbestosis which is a serious, chronic but non-cancerous respiratory disease which causes aggravation to lung tissues causing them to scar. People have also become sick with numerous types of cancers which don’t appear to have any form of treatment.

To be absolutely sure that you are in the safe, green zone, get in touch with one of your local asbestos specialists, make sure they have the correct accreditations for the work you need done, all that’s left is to make sure you get a fair price which shouldn’t be too hard, it’s quite a competitive market.

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