Do You Need a Professional Tree Service?

Trees are essential in our towns and cities because they add colour, provide shade, provide a home to animals and insects, and also recycle carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. In fact, cities with more trees tend to be less polluted, and in this day and age that’s truly important. But what about when there’s a problem with a tree? This is when a professional tree service can help.

What Do Tree Services Do?

Tree services deal with all sorts of issues involving trees. Although anyone can go out and buy a chainsaw or some other tools and remove a tree by themselves, the truth is that there are significant dangers to doing this. Professional tree services in Perth have both the skill and experience to deal with trees safely and securely so that no one gets hurt.

Here are just some of the services they can provide:

  1. Removing Old Tree Stumps

Often, there are old stumps in a garden that need removing. Indeed, many people moving into a home find that there are old stumps in the garden. They may have been there for a long time, but one of the big issues is that they can attract insects and pests like termites. This can be devastating for a home, especially if there is a lot of wood available for them to eat.

Many people also find that tree stumps are difficult to kill. The roots just keep growing and producing more shoots in the garden. This is also when a tree service can come out and help. In both cases, stump grinding and stump removal is essential.

  1. Pruning and Lopping

Anyone can grab a saw or chainsaw and lop some branches off, but this can be dangerous to both the person doing it and anyone nearby. An arborist service can prune trees and lop branches without causing a safety issue.

One of the big problems is that many native trees, such as gum trees, can grow very tall and spread their branches far and wide. In the summer heat, these trees can drop branches, and this may cause injury to people or even property below the tree.

  1. Removing Diseased Trees

Whether in a public or private space, diseased trees can be a menace to bystanders, cars, power lines, and property. A tree service can assess the diseased trees and then remove them carefully and safely so that they no longer pose a threat.


Trees beautify our environment, reduce pollution, and provide much needed shade and habitats for animals and insects. But, sometimes, they can become a danger or simply need to be pruned or cut back for the purposes of good management. In all of these cases, a professional tree service can help.

A professional tree service company will help you with your trees as well as any other issue that is related to trees. They will remove the tree, they will trim the tree, and they will do all of the maintenance on your property or wherever it is located.

In the picturesque town of Hitchin, there’s a demand for specialists who can care for its diverse trees. A tree surgeon Hitchin is trained in diagnosing, treating, and maintaining a variety of trees, ensuring that they stay healthy and continue to enhance the town’s natural beauty.

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